A New Year’s Day Pep Talk

So I just made it back from the other side of LA; had to see Spielberg’s new film, The Post. And I know it’s New Year’s Day and I should be hangin’ out with friends and family but, as luck would have it, my immune system’s taken a slight hit and who wants to infect […]

A Santa Wish List

So okay, this is a little different version of the same Christmas column I’ve written for probably almost two decades. But what’s special this year is my Trojans didn’t fire the coach but the Bruins did…AND then gave the poor guy $12-million on his birthday. Talk about Yuletide spirit! And it really doesn’t seem that […]

A Voice Missed, Moments Remembered

These days, it can be comforting to re-visit moments that help restore your faith in the goodness I’d like to think we all have. So why the hell was I at home, wiping the tears away in front of a computer, at 5:30 AM on a Friday morning? And why were the YouTube emotional keywords […]

Invisalign Star Power In Pasadena

So who knew…a chronologically mature dentist-type “dawg” could be taught new tricks? So who knew that after practicing dentistry here in Temple City since way back during Late Disco, a chronologically mature dentist-type “dawg” could be taught new tricks? And with stuff like expansion, community events, and underwriters going on around here, what else (other […]

California Dreamin’

And the word of the day will be…”Decency.” Hey! I can dream. ​ Okay, I just read the U.S. Chief Executive has been accused of sexual misconduct by no less than 20-women (who are all lying) and now he’s supporting a U.S. Senate candidate who’s too creepy to be let into his own local Alabama […]


It’s easy to find gratitude with family like my team and colleague Luis. Every morning I start the day by reviewing right out loud the litany of my gratitude. My AM review begins with “I’m grateful for Mom and Dad and Jay (my brother) and the whole family; grateful for growing up here and having […]

Choose Your Fantasies

I really do love the game; especially college football. But I sure do despise fantasy football. Okay, don’t know about you but I can’t stand Fantasy Football. I really do love the game; especially college football. But I sure do despise fantasy football. On Saturday mornings, I get to listen to a seasoned orthopedic surgeon/talk-radio […]

A Wonder Years Drive-by

Who says you can never go back? So Stand by Me remains my all-time favorite film, barely edging out Casablanca. And if Fred Savage had traded-in his NY Jet’s jacket for a pint-sized USC letterman’s sweater, he could’ve been happiest Wonder Years me several decades earlier. I freakin loved being 12-years old. Our little family […]

No Problem In Paradise

It was as if they (my team) could all do family, caring, and fun the way Pavarotti could do Ave Maria. So when I opened the doors in Temple City, the likes of Kanye and Tom Brady weren’t even born…but they both knew just as much about business as me. One month into my providing […]

All In The Family

So here’s to fulfillment! And here’s to family!!! If you’re anything like me, there are probably some dates on the calendar that rack up way more anticipation endorphins than you’ve ever likely scored spinning on a stationary bike in a roomful of mirrors. And there are times when I can get slightly linear; like I’ve […]