Invisalign Star Power In Pasadena

So who knew…a chronologically mature dentist-type “dawg” could be taught new tricks?

So who knew that after practicing dentistry here in Temple City since way back during Late Disco, a chronologically mature dentist-type “dawg” could be taught new tricks?

And with stuff like expansion, community events, and underwriters going on around here, what else (other than cranberry and the traditional victory over the Bruins) could you cram into one month?

I’m here to tell you, thanks in no small part to Scheduling Coordinator/TC Ambassador to Pasadena Denise and her connections, an amazing progressive organization (the AACA, American Academy of Clear Aligners), a great mentor, and all kinds of gifted professional friends and family; we staged a major advanced dentistry training event smack dab in Old Town Pasadena.

And to know me is to shake your head that I could even play a part in pulling off an actual event that any of my TC team of all-stars could probably get done in their sleep. And maybe the Clippers do have a shot this year after all.

I think the final tally was 110 of the finest GP Invisalign providers in North America; and if the Trojans aren’t on the field, there probably aren’t 110 DDS-types in the stands for the Rose Bowl game.

Our instructors were basically a Who’s Who of Invisalign. Daniele Larose, from St-Laurent, Quebec taught an advanced application of direct resin that helps transform a well aligned healthy smile into a lasting artistic masterpiece. Boston’s Anna Berik (pictured with me above) spoke to us about new science-based approaches that can accelerate care and reduce active treatment to only 3-4 months. David Galler, founder of AACA, my mentor, and the heart and soul of the most effective group of Invisalign providing GPs in the world, emphasized effective communication (including…listening.)

I was as happy as Henry VIII in a roomful of Big Macs, introducing gifted friends and family so willing to share knowledge.

Team members Dani, Kolleen, and Doc Lee were happy too; they learned a lot and had no clue I was so adept at collecting papers, cleaning up, and finding batteries.

At the end of the day, there was plenty to be grateful for.