Root Canals

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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal, or root canal therapy, is a dentistry procedure that is used to clean out a serious tooth infection, and provide relief for patients suffering from a severe toothache. Inside each tooth in your mouth, you’ll find a pulp chamber filled with living connective tissue. When the pulp chamber becomes infected, the infection can spread down tiny passages in the tooth root called ‘canals.’ These canals are filled with nerves that can become irritated by the infection and cause a serious, chronic toothache.

Before root canals were available, patients who experienced an inner tooth infection had to have their tooth removed. With root canal therapy available, your dentist at Temple City Dental Care can help patients keep their natural teeth healthy even longer.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Root canal therapy helps remove infection and can improve a patient’s oral health.
  • A root canal can prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. It can also prevent the infection from reaching the blood stream, where it could cause serious health problems.
  • Root canal therapy provides relief for patients who are suffering from a severe toothache caused by an inner tooth infection.
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  • Using root canal therapy, we can help natural teeth last longer and help our patients enjoy a more long lasting smile.

The Root Canal Procedure

  • First, Dr. Von Bulow will remove the infected tissue and clean your tooth to remove any harmful bacteria.
  • After your tooth has been sterilized, Dr. Von Bulow will apply medicine to your tooth.
  • Once the root canal is complete and all the infected tissue has been removed, Dr. Von Bulow will restore your tooth using a high quality dental crown.

To find out more about root canals, call us at our office today.