A Santa Wish List

So okay, this is a little different version of the same Christmas column I’ve written for probably almost two decades. But what’s special this year is my Trojans didn’t fire the coach but the Bruins did…AND then gave the poor guy $12-million on his birthday. Talk about Yuletide spirit!

And it really doesn’t seem that long ago Christmas held so much wonder I dang near couldn’t handle it. But, sadly, it seems different these days.

Don’t know about you guys but back in The Day, beginning a few weeks before Dec. 25, I used to get so excited I couldn’t sleep (Hmmm, no change there but I think it’s just age.) And when I finally did get to sleep I couldn’t wait to wake up. Huh, these days, even with melatonin coursing through my veins, I still wake up at 5 a.m. …but it’s just not the same. Does anyone else automatically rise and shine Saturdays before the roosters just ride a stationary bike and flip off club music in a roomful of mirrors?

When I was a kid, the first thing I’d do every Christmas morning was kind of glide into the living room and then almost fall into a trance soaking up all the great vibes coming from our totally decked-out Silver Tip. Even now, just thinking about those magical mornings makes me want to have them all back…and I guess I do.

Undeniably, the most treasured gifts remain the beautifully gift-wrapped memories of my mom and dad and brother and a loving mostly Italian family accounting for almost everyone who was anyone in my life.

So why not focus on remembering how lucky I was being surrounded by a family generous with both unconditional love and support. So why not be on the giving side of the equation? Why not emulate those who made a difference.

A trusted mentor once shared that fulfillment was there if only you looked and listened for it.

A flawlessly placed crown is really satisfying. Treating periodontal disease can help create a healthy mouth and life. Creating beautiful smiles can transform a life into being fully expressed. But taking a human interest and making a personal difference is the stuff that that would make my parents proud. The greatest gift might well be fulfillment. And I know years ago, it was floating around that Silver Tip, fully expressed with love. And with family and friends in mind, shouldn’t it always be the season for looking, asking, and listening?

Wheew! And…without further delay, I give you my annual Top Ten Santa Wish List (Actually, Dental Assistant Extraordinaire Kolleen and I saw him this morning-no mail required.) Drum roll please. I wish:

#10: Dental drills become as silent as Pasadena after 8PM.

#9: Dental materials all taste like blueberry pancakes or chocolate chip gelato.

#8: U.S. health care rises above #33 in the World.

#7: Temple City wakes up one sunny SoCal morning to discover local government is looking and listening for the possibility of being extraordinary. We have to start somewhere.

#6: Random acts of violence become random acts of kindness. Decency becomes popular.

#5: After a 40-year break, “One giant step for Mankind” actually happens.

#4: Adult males in my spin class stop wearing Lycra outfits. Please Santa.

#3: I wish that daily helpings of chorizo could extend life at least three decades.

#2: Please Santa, it would be awesome if the USC Trojans could prevail over the Ohio State Wall Flowers…I mean Buckeyes. Pretty please…

And finally,

#1: Everyone within six degrees of separation and beyond has a healthy holiday, feels like a kid again and successfully looks and listens for peace, prosperity, and happiness in 2018.

Merry Christmas!