All In The Family

So here’s to fulfillment! And here’s to family!!!

If you’re anything like me, there are probably some dates on the calendar that rack up way more anticipation endorphins than you’ve ever likely scored spinning on a stationary bike in a roomful of mirrors.

And there are times when I can get slightly linear; like I’ve been stuck on The 405 at 6PM…for a week. But when doubt seems to be transitioning to burnout, I source the spirit of legendary USC Coach Pete Carroll because, “…something awesome is probably coming right around the corner.

Last week, something awesome happened in Washington D.C. (and who coulda seen that coming?) It was time for the GP Invisalign Summit and a chance to be reunited with a family of colleagues. Our inner circle of 26 presidents is composed of professional cousins who are smart, funny, loyal, and generous; they lead with their hearts.

Somehow, I was drafted into the elite group while nature called and nobody was making eye contact with anybody. And it’s really cool even though I remain the oldest guy in the club.

We have a leader who calls himself The Wolf, has cajones the size of basketballs (figuratively), is really smart, has an x-ray vision of the future, lives on Long Island and does stand-up comedy. He can also teach the way Elvis could move…for a white guy.

We love Invisalign care and we’re freakin good at providing it. And who knew you could transform lives with plastic?

Two years ago, I made it to the stage for the Invisalign Summit Shootout, a competition featuring the four top Invisalign cases completed over the preceding two years (I lost to a skinny guy with skinny pants and an accent.) This year, I didn’t make it to the Final Four but managed two of the top sixty…and I think I see Pete Carroll comin’ around the corner.

My two semi-finalists have lives forever changed. Chris has become a true scholar…with a smile; and Ming now has a social life (and should probably owe me ten bucks for every date he successfully negotiates.)

Turns out, my case from two years ago was also in play. Over some red wine and popcorn and wearing hooded owl pajamas (don’t ask), a dentist introduced himself and then asked how 2015 patient Jessica was doing (with a singing career, a marriage, and a baby on the way, Jessica’s doing just fine). My new dentist buddy from San Jose had shown his patient the video of my Jessica presentation and now someone’s family photos, job interviews, smile, and life will never be the same.

When you can be part of something bigger than yourself and make a difference for the family you serve, the family of which you’re a part, and even people you don’t even know, you have a legit shot at fulfillment.

Years ago, I heard Anthony Robbins speak of fulfillment. Robbins shared the rich, the famous, and the privileged still commit suicide. People who are fulfilled seem to learn the true value of life…and have a chance to live life to the fullest.

So here’s to fulfillment! And here’s to family!!!