Sometimes Maybe It’s Better Just Being Lucky

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Denise and all of my co-workers aren’t a team by accident; they all really do want to make a difference…like…yesterday. Courtesy of her sister, Dani, Denise was part of our extended Temple City Dental Care family years before she ever joined us full time. Denise, who had been Dani’s very first trainer, had loads of…

Help Wanted: Trouble in Paradise

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Somehow my perfect plan went awry. And isn’t that what John Lennon said about life and making plans? Okay, Fourth of July weekend and I’m gonna golf, take spin class, get some work done, and await the next Trump jackass moment over a glass of Sangiovese and some eggplant parmigiana. Sound like a plan? But…

Another B-day Cake…Served Up With Some Humble Pie

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Yeah, reflecting is like making my cerebrum run a half-marathon…at altitude Seriously, how does May 3rd get here so freakin’ fast? And when the decades start flyin’ by (at just a tick less the speed of light) I’m forced to make my brain work a lot harder than it’s come to expect. Yeah, reflecting is…

Let’s Go Celtics

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So I’ve been a Celtics fan forever. And I’m born and raised an Angeleno; coulda walked to Staples from my original home sweet home. But I’ve never felt guilty about my not being a card-carrying NBA homer. As I was driving home last Thursday, I punched in KSPN-AM to catch up on Game 6 of…

Living On The Edge…And Outa The Bubble

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It’s cool knowing inspiration is always out there if only you’re looking for it. Don’t know about you, but I physically, mentally, and emotionally require food, coffee, and some tree-slaying reading material everyday to start the day. And my AM ritual might turn out being tamer than Ben Carson on Quaaludes but that’s the way…

The Nose Finally Knows (The Hard way)

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Bulow Blog 1

So how did I wind up resembling a smiling, but at least not drooling, likeness of the GOP mascot? It all started some 36-years ago when I was barely born and just starting out as the new molar jockey guy in uptown Temple City. A little while earlier, I’d put my stellar golf career on…

A True MVP

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Dental Assistant Extraordinaire Kolleen is the esteemed Crown Council’s Most Valuable Team Member for 2016. Here’s why. Kolleen Palmer, RDA, has been a vital part of our Temple City Dental Care practice for the past 12 years. And Kolleen is an amazingly skilled dental assistant; she anticipates, she’s organized, she has remarkable initiative…but she is…

A New Family Member

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Bulow-new family member

Introducing Dr. Samuel Lee; a new member of our TCDC family…straight outa Arcadia, #1 in his class, and future All-World DDS. So when I engineered the Miracle on 34th Street (a block south of Jefferson) and somehow escaped the tentacles of USC Dental School with signed degree in hand I was amazed. I wasn’t amazed…

Passing The Torch

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On August 27, my friend and colleague, Bill Ardary, MD, DDS; is retiring. And Bill’s been the Gold Standard of surgical care. On learning that I’d been accepted into the School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California, I knew exactly who and where I’d be on completion of the specialty training extending way…

Table For Three

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Couldn’t believe what a dining dunce/knuckle-dragger I was; outside of Texas and Arizona, your knuckles aren’t allowed to touch the table. Bet you’ve never heard this one before? My endodontist/root canal care specialist buddy is totally the coolest guy you’re ever gonna meet. Doc Younes Safa learned to ski the storied slopes of the legendary…