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Pro Life… Until Birth

Our U.S. Chief Exec recently admitted he envied Australia “…because you have better health care than we do.”

So I’ve tried, tried, tried to remain apolitical here ever since back in January, when the first ever game show host-elect was sworn into office right in front of millions of totally invisible angry old white guys.

And maybe it’s because there’s a misleading, stupid banner hanging irresponsibly across the front of my practice (courtesy of property managers who studied service at the United Airlines School of Business) or perhaps it’s those twenty-one (count ‘em) 5-Star reviews Yelp took off my page in one week or maybe it’s the fact I had another birthday a few days ago. But today I feel like channeling the unfiltered heart and soul of Golden Girl Estelle Getty; time to stop holding stuff in because that can’t be healthy.

Oh, did I just write down something about health?

Don’t know about you guys but if you’re even a fraction like me, maybe you too were wondering about a bunch of aging male Caucasians wearing their Sunday suits and come-overs to a little party held at the White House Rose Garden. I’ve never seen an uglier group toasting the deaths of Americans who just never had the chance to lick a silver spoon. And maybe today’s American way is to hide incompetence with bluster. Or maybe now days P.T. Barnum is so last century and suckers are born every second.

And I never thought I’d ever see the day our current tweeter in-chief could be described as an over-achiever, but it’s true. I guess when you idolize dictators who tend to take out big numbers of the folks who vote ‘em in unanimously, things can get sort of competitive (especially if you’re just a wannabe.) It’s one thing firing make believe apprentices on TV but how does that stack up against murderous-type mentors like Vlady-P, Rodrigo, and the honored-to-meet-you Jong Unster? I guess sometimes you’ve just gotta kill some expendable Americans and then throw a party…just to keep up?

The American Health Care Act is exactly that; it’s an act…of heartless, cynical, and murderous treason. And if celebrating 24-million low-moderate income Americans losing their health insurance while passing the pre-existing conditions buck onto the states in order to generate $600 billion for the wealthiest U.S. “patriots” floats your boat, you suck. If you have the gall to cut off 7-million veterans and take out 1,100 VA facilities to get a “win”, you deserve to spend 5-minutes in the super-sized industrial elevator it would take to share it with every worker and vendor you’ve ever cheated.

And maybe our only hope is that the psychological pathology our narcissist in-chief suffers can be guided to the nation’s advantage. It’s like our guy loves to be liked by everyone; especially the peeps he admires and envies…like dictators. But what if we hook him up with influencers from friendly countries that once posed a threat…like Australia?

Sitting next to Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, the U.S. Chief Exec admitted he envied Australia “…because you have better health care than we do.”

So why not improve Obamacare or go totally Aussie and replace it with single payer (like the rest of the industrialized world)? And why not, the next time you have the chance, replace a clueless demagogue and his spineless gang who wouldn’t know Christian charity or human decency even if they sang the National Anthem with one hand on their “heart” and the other holding the Bible?

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