Resolve This!

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I love New Year resolutions; I write ‘em down. I even go public with ‘em.

So as I’m writing it looks like 2017 has arrived in what seems like record time.

And I suppose some of us who’ve attended many past rodeos might be a little cynical or resigned…as in…here we go again. But not me; in fact, as we open up a new calendar, I can’t wait to get my hands on that beautiful blank page that shows up every January 1. And…what better year to wipe off the face of the earth than 2016? Maybe times are really the best in the Universe when the city of Cleveland and the Chicago Cubs are the losers with whom we’ve become accustomed.

I see the pristine sheet as a reminder that I can be the author of my own life story. And what’s really cool is the chance we all have to share the experience.

I love New Year resolutions; I write ‘em down. I even go public with ‘em.

So here they are; my Top Ten New Year resolutions for 2017:

  1. You’re in my dental chair. I say, “Almost done.” 3 minutes later I’m still working. You get 10-bucks!
  2. I will write at least one personal note per day…legibly.
  3. I will NOT verbally/physically abuse my computer, Hal…whenever possible.
  4. I’ll forgive the Lakers, Bruins, and the state of Michigan…because…they know not what they do.
  5. I’ll remember Dental Assistant Appreciation Day is every day.
  6. I will NOT run down Las Tunas wearing only a hula skirt and a bruin baseball cap because after ten years, Camellia Square (or whatever) development still lags behind the Republic of Burundi.
  7. I will prove even though Will Rogers never met a man he didn’t like…he never met Donald Trump!
  8. I’ll say, “I love you” at least once a day. And yeah, Team Leader Dani, no mirrors allowed.
  9. I will NOT mix plaid, stripes, and paisley attire…thus ignoring all fashion tips from my co-workers.
  10. I’ll be looking and listening for greatness, humor, and compassion…unless I’m in front of a banker.

Happy New Year!