Most recently, I learned (something I really already knew) the stuff that scares me the most is most likely the stuff I should be doing. So yesterday, while I was reflecting about how I used to fantasize about getting even

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And I can’t help it; when I read “prolly” my left eyebrow starts twitching sort of like Dirty Harry. So it’s been 5-weeks since the total Anchor Steam on tap-type nosebleed meeting breaker landed me in Kaiser with a Tampon

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Big Night In A Desert Town

And don’t tell anyone…but it’s not so bad having three moms who are all way cooler than you are. Last night, three of my co-workers, friends, and adopted daughters in my own mind treated me to an amazing night on

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Not Really A Hater But…

…it still felt good being back, serving and working with friends and family, making dentistry fun and… breathing freely though both sides. So a few days ago they pulled something called a “rocket balloon” straight outa my nose over at

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Spring Break

And the last time I took a week or so off, it all began with a tube up my nose. So the last time I took a legit vacation we had a Republican in the White House who hadn’t stiffed

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Pro Life… Until Birth

Our U.S. Chief Exec recently admitted he envied Australia “…because you have better health care than we do.” So I’ve tried, tried, tried to remain apolitical here ever since back in January, when the first ever game show host-elect was

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Under The Banner Of Confusion

Though the implication is Temple City Dental Care is taking the 3:15 to Yuma straight outa town…we are not. So today’s one of those days when I get to reflecting on stuff; and that’s what happens when the likes of

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Anatomy Of A Delicate Flower

I was a tenth grader on my way to being the next great commercial artist/NBA point guard…until Bruno showed up. So it all started with Bruno, a small-time high school hood. I was a tenth grader on my way to

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Affordable Care… But Do They?

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” Francis of Assisi I wrote a column three years ago, directed at colleagues dead set against the Affordable Care Act (ACA); little did I know it was only

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Scared Straight

Our leader is wise and inspires us with the mysterious vision and power of Yoda; and he does world-class stand-up too. So today’s one of those days when I get to reflecting on stuff. And for me, reflecting can only

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