I See Dumb People

And just like the new president, I see things; I hear things. But I see dumb people. So for me, things haven’t been quite the same since November 8 and the election of a game show host to the office

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Saved by the Movies?

“…for delicate, sensitive flowers like me, movies can be magic.” So I just saw another one of those movies that reduced me to the kind of tears shed by the likes of the Donald when he’s actually paying a vendor,

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Continuing Care

This is my final commentary on the election. I need some closure. I’m done with all things political until 2018. So this morning I woke up about 3:30AM; couldn’t sleep. It felt like there had been a death in the

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White Like Me? Or…Strange Encounters Of The Facebook Kind

Over the weekend…with the big Republican convention on the horizon, some of my Least Coast DDS-type natives were just a little restless. Maybe you’re like me when you’re watching 5-hours of televised golf at a time. Last weekend, between the

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