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I think the Universe really does prefer conversation to criticism and being interested rather than being interesting. So going on two years ago, I had some major decisions to make. I was basically saying goodbye to my family. I sold the Von Bulow hacienda as well as my aunt’s home/Blandino family reunion center and, just…


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And this time, my team and I had the chance to do something that made a difference for someone we love. So I was only 12-years old the first time I realized what seemed like a little thing to me could make a major difference for someone I loved. I was almost straight outa the…

A Gold Medal Day And Memory

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So it isn’t every day I get to serve an Olympic Gold Medalist; there just aren’t that many of ‘em passing through Temple City these days. So it isn’t every day I get to serve an Olympic Gold Medalist; there just aren’t that many of ‘em passing through Temple City these days. And on a…

Dentist Group Therapy

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The good news is: the latest reports say lawyers have reeled us (dentists) in and surged into the self-destructive lead. Don’t know how you guys would would handle it, but sometimes I’m taken slightly aback when the Labor Day barbecue conversation zooms in on my job…and friends and family start talkin’ about suicide. The “dentists…

REM Experiences Of The Dental Kind

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And I’m really sympathetic because I have nightmares too. But my sleep scares do not involve losing mass numbers of teeth. So lately, not a week goes by when a patient doesn’t check-in, take a seat, ask if I’m really doing okay, and then tell me about one particular scary dental nightmare they’ve been having.…

F-Word Declared Obsolete By Brits…But There’s More

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No flossing in Great Britain, just Bubba smiles from the Royals and Show Biz types. So imagine my shock and awe on learning that, based on conclusions put forth by England Public Health, U.S. health officials have dropped the use of dental floss as a recommended approach to oral hygiene. And I hate profiling white…

An Agent Of Change

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Having a mentor, learning and growing, and making a difference for others really can make you feel like a kid again. So if you’re a little like me (and that can be scary), you might remember a certain dynamic that used to happen way back when you were just a kid. Maybe you went totally…

Sister Act

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A common response I get on diagnosing poorly aligned teeth is, “I’m too old for orthodontics.” It ain’t necessarily so. Ask Sister Margaret. So around July 2002, I was driving up to Santa Barbara for the next great whale watching expedition aboard the Condor. I was traveling solo because all of my friends, Romans, and…

Bloodied…But Not Dysfunctional

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When I fly into Seattle for some quality time spent with, arguably, the top dental educator on the planet, I am totally geeked out. So maybe you’re a little like me when you get the chance to feel like a kid again-and I don’t mean a second or third childhood! When I fly into Seattle…