Living On The Edge…And Outa The Bubble

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It’s cool knowing inspiration is always out there if only you’re looking for it. Don’t know about you, but I physically, mentally, and emotionally require food, coffee, and some tree-slaying reading material everyday to start the day. And my AM ritual might turn out being tamer than Ben Carson on Quaaludes but that’s the way…

Mother’s Day

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Whenever doubt gets in the way of my being the kid my parents raised, I read and edit this essay I wrote some 17-years ago. Whenever doubt gets in the way of my being the kid my parents raised, I read and edit this essay I wrote some 17-years ago; it just never seems good…

A Timely Personal Statement

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Birthdays are best celebrated in the presence of young people who love to teach and learn. Is it just me or do birthdays really pass through time starting out like a ’73 green Pinto, not so gradually morphing into a speeding bullet? May 3rd: three letters expressing hope and a digit denoting the end of…

The Real 12th Man

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Pete Carroll, not just another football coach. Are you listening Nick Saban and Urban Meyer? So okay, I’ve been a USC Trojan football fan since I was about 5-years old. Even before I escaped first grade at Western Avenue Elementary, my older brother Jay had me totally geared up in Cardinal and Gold. And thanks…

Relaxation Dentistry 101


So it was really hard writing about hypnosis and listening to Derrick Jeter being interviewed after the All-Star Game all at the same time. Of course, for starters, all I did to multi-task was close my eyes, slowly breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth Mr. Miyagi style, relaxing more deeply with…

Life Itself

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Life Itself So I like baseball, chocolate chip gelato, and Michael Connelly crime novels. But I love family, college football…and the movies. And from the moment I finished reading the LA Times’ review of the documentary based on film critic Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself; I knew this was a movie I had to see. The film opens with Ebert…

Three Bites And You’re Out


Three Bites and You’re Out So I was watching the Food Channel the other day and a soccer match broke out. Luis Suarez was caught chomping an opposing player in front of millions of viewers world-wide.  And if it’s a third offense does that make you a serial snacker or just another soccer player who…

It’s Not Over Until…Whenever

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It’s not over until…Whenever Yesterday, I caught up with the second half of the U.S. versus Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup. And it was just like the Spurs against Lebron…except that in basketball, you know when the freakin’ game is over! And it’s not like I really hate soccer. I’ve just never been…

The Bank That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

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The Bank that Couldn’t Shoot Straight So okay, maybe it’s because  the candles on my birthday cake are creating disturbing separation from my physiological number but these days, I’d much rather write “warm fuzzies” style than complain about stuff like old Uncle Louie over Thanksgiving dinner. C’mon, I have a sign hanging on my reception…

A Breath Of Fresh Air

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A Breath of Fresh Air This week we’re gonna celebrate and I know we’ll all still be smiling after some tears dry. Dental Hygienist Extraordinaire Jennifer is on her way to becoming a mom; maternity leave starts Thursday. We are so happy for Jen and if you’ve been fortunate enough to cross her path, you’ll…