I See Dumb People

And just like the new president, I see things; I hear things. But I see dumb people. So for me, things haven’t been quite the same since November 8 and the election of a game show host to the office

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Hidden Figures

Sitting there doing my popcorn thing at the Monrovia Krikorian, what I saw up on the screen actually brought some tears to my eyes. So on January 21, the day after the Presidential Inauguration, I needed something positive; maybe something

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La La Land

So there was no way I was missing La La Land. For one thing, there’s this woman I know who is beautiful; she also introduced me to Vibrato Grill and Jazz and Mexican scrambles at Yahaira’s…and she runs the Santa

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Smelling The Roses

It was awesome seeing the hometown bring in the New Year…just in time to hear something wonderful, see a rainbow, and smell the roses. So this morning it seemed like the birds were chirping “It’s a Wonderful World”; or maybe

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Resolve This!

I love New Year resolutions; I write ‘em down. I even go public with ‘em. So as I’m writing it looks like 2017 has arrived in what seems like record time. And I suppose some of us who’ve attended many

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Sometimes Maybe It’s Better Just Being Lucky

Denise and all of my co-workers aren’t a team by accident; they all really do want to make a difference…like…yesterday. Courtesy of her sister, Dani, Denise was part of our extended Temple City Dental Care family years before she ever

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Saved by the Movies?

“…for delicate, sensitive flowers like me, movies can be magic.” So I just saw another one of those movies that reduced me to the kind of tears shed by the likes of the Donald when he’s actually paying a vendor,

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“…there is a crack, a crack in everything- that’s how the light gets in…” Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen Man I’m glad my dad and big brother gave me the chance to embrace sports. And last week, Saturday in Seattle was the

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Continuing Care

This is my final commentary on the election. I need some closure. I’m done with all things political until 2018. So this morning I woke up about 3:30AM; couldn’t sleep. It felt like there had been a death in the

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Winners Never Quit

“Cleveland vs. the Cubs. Game 7. Rain delay in the 10th inning at midnight. 160-something years of combined losing. Kinda poetic.” So it was Game Seven and just like with Presidential debate #2, I was seated at the bar within

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