A Wonder Years Drive-by

Who says you can never go back? So Stand by Me remains my all-time favorite film, barely edging out Casablanca. And if Fred Savage had traded-in his NY Jet’s jacket for a pint-sized USC letterman’s sweater, he could’ve been happiest

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No Problem In Paradise

It was as if they (my team) could all do family, caring, and fun the way Pavarotti could do Ave Maria. So when I opened the doors in Temple City, the likes of Kanye and Tom Brady weren’t even born…but

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All In The Family

So here’s to fulfillment! And here’s to family!!! If you’re anything like me, there are probably some dates on the calendar that rack up way more anticipation endorphins than you’ve ever likely scored spinning on a stationary bike in a

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Long Distance, Calling The Universe

Last week, the CEO of a global top dental manufacturing company came under fire, mostly from my colleagues, for sharing his conscience. So every morning, on walking through the office door, I check-in on what’s up with the Universe. And

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Buon Natale

Cousin Leslie, a professional writer, wanted some info for a piece she was writing all about a Sicilian Christmas done SoCal style. So over the past weekend, I savored a brief escape from charts, bills, the property manager, and my

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Most recently, I learned (something I really already knew) the stuff that scares me the most is most likely the stuff I should be doing. So yesterday, while I was reflecting about how I used to fantasize about getting even

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And I can’t help it; when I read “prolly” my left eyebrow starts twitching sort of like Dirty Harry. So it’s been 5-weeks since the total Anchor Steam on tap-type nosebleed meeting breaker landed me in Kaiser with a Tampon

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Big Night In A Desert Town

And don’t tell anyone…but it’s not so bad having three moms who are all way cooler than you are. Last night, three of my co-workers, friends, and adopted daughters in my own mind treated me to an amazing night on

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Not Really A Hater But…

…it still felt good being back, serving and working with friends and family, making dentistry fun and… breathing freely though both sides. So a few days ago they pulled something called a “rocket balloon” straight outa my nose over at

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Spring Break

And the last time I took a week or so off, it all began with a tube up my nose. So the last time I took a legit vacation we had a Republican in the White House who hadn’t stiffed

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